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Operating Nationwide

New gibbon enclosure island moats at Twycross Zoo

  • Colobus moat being dug out

Colobus moat being dug out

Colobus moat geotextile membrane almost complete

We can cut any shape, any angle and then join the liners on-site. This allows for a bespoke fit.

Rolling out a 550kg 15.24m x 30.48m liner

Colobus is lined and ready for water

We use a small excavator to level the island soil

Our newest member of staff, learns how to seam.

Digging out the first stream that connects Colobus to Gibbon

Colobus to Gibbon moats stream testing

The Public will be able to view down into the stream from the elevated walkway, we've crafted it using bigger stones in certain areas.

Colobus moat is about 2/3rds full - got to rise about another 300mm

Colobus filter set. Each system serves up to 220,000 litres

Final touches are being made to Paddocks island

Gibbon island is complete

Gibbon moat looking back up the stream from Colobus and the north walkway platform

Another view of Gibbon island with the new Gibbon house in the background

Another view of Gibbon island with the new perimeter fencing to the exhibit complete

Colobus moat filling and the island is complete

All types of projects undertaken

A lot of hard work is required for each process in order to complete island moats. Our team begins by excavating the moats so they can be fleeced and ready for lining. The bespoke lining sleeves we create connect all our pumps for each moat, for either filtration or streams. This allows the pipe and liner to be effectively watertight, so we can complete the finishing touches to the landscape. Based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire and covering the whole UK let us help with your next lake and pond liner projects.





Project Description:

For more information on our projects, call us on 0845 226 0832