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Lake and jetty construction project in Northamptonshire

  • 200' long, 150' wide, 10' deep later, we were called in to 'create a lake'.

200' long, 150' wide, 10' deep later, we were called in to 'create a lake'.

A few days work was required in the far section of the lake, draining, levelling, smoothing

We get the surface of the lake really smooth, having hand-raked out the worst lumps

More anchor trenching and lake bed preparation

Using extra wide rolls, it doesn't take too long to lay the geotextile.

The upper (nearest) end of the Lake is now lined, and sheet five is being laid out.

A month later and around three million litres of water later, we return to the lake to complete it

Our timber is all delivered, on time, on schedule from our friends at Fountain Timber near Bristol

Our 4.8m x 3.6m deck overlaps the edge of the lake

Legs are in now we fit the threaded bar that anchors them to the 6m 9" x 4" timbers

Fishing jetty complete the two Otterbine 5-in-1 aerators will create the necessary oxygen levels in this lake for fish to thrive

The finished lake. 500 aquatic plants have been planted in phases around the lake whilst 50 water lilies are in

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