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Oxfordshire farm wildlife pond

  • The original pond. Clay lined. Never worked.

The original pond. Clay lined. Never worked.

The trouble with clay lining is you really need to do it exceedingly well, for it to hold, and continuously hold water.

Having pumped out the water, we therefore dug out a central sump, laid land-drain to a pit and re-filled with gravel.

Project agreed, we arrived with the groundworker having already cleared the ground for us. It had rained a lot causing water to re-fill.

The pond was lined with geotextile before we rolled in, laid out and welded together two liners to make this bespoke shape. This will hold-back a 20-tonne load of 40-120mm mixed cobbles that will dress the plant marginal shelf in a few weeks time.

With the liner in, it's time to start adding water and shape the liner for the stonemason.

A geotextile sample. The stones indicate the inner line of the new perimeter wall whilst the area between the wall and bund will be filled with mixed cobbles / pebbles.

30,000 litres of water later, we're complete. We now have a two-week absence whilst the stonemason and groundworkers return to create a beautiful wall.

A new wall is being built around the pond...

In the meantime, a 20-tonne load of mixed 40-120mm cobbles has been delivered for us to wheel-barrow in!

The first half is laid, and we'll plant it tomorrow.

These Caltha Palustris Grandiflora will quickly fill this area and screen off the overflow pipe.

Some of the 500 plants we supplied are put in around the edges, in species groupings.

Juncus Inflexus and Iris Pseudocorus are planted along this stretch of bank.

The finished pond.

Following our completion, the client added a waterfall.

Just awaiting the weather to warm up, so the plants start to grow! There are 500 marginal plants here.


A small bed of Myosotis Palustris (Water Forget-me-not) are planted.

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Tailoring our service around your individual needs, Turtle Productions Ltd offers the complete pond lining solution. Based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, since 2001, our company has now established a well-earned reputation for quality services nationwide. You can count on us to supply and install Firestone EPDM pond liner in any size and shape, anywhere in the UK.





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